Quality education is our #1 goal.

Science (and common sense) has shown not all children learn in the same way. That’s why I support options for parents when it comes to educating their children. Like so many other areas, more options will achieve better results.

A positive outcome for every student is my goal. Traditional public schools will be the right choice for the majority of our children but not for all. We need to support those families who feel a different path would be better for the success of their children. That could mean a public charter school, a public magnet school, private school or even home school.

My record is one of supporting education at all levels and for all students.

While serving as a Commissioner, I was able to foster excellent relationships with public school officials and members of our board of education. Working collaboratively, we were able to give teachers a raise and institute the first of its kind incentive program.

While serving as a trustee on the board of Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) I was proud to support and help implement Central Carolina Works, a collaborative dual enrollment project with our high schools. Through this program, students earn college credit by taking CCCC classes while still in high school tuition free. Statistics show students participating in this type of program are twice as likely to enroll in and complete post-secondary education.  The program also partners with our business community to provide opportunities in Career and Technical Education (CTE).