JOBS - Economic Growth

As Republicans we often talk about the need to reduce spending and assume everyone understands what we mean.  While serving in my first term as a Chatham County Commissioner we focused on cutting unnecessary spending while increasing funding for core functions:  education, public safety, economic development.  We also strengthened the safety net for those who most needed help.  We were able to successfully institute priority based budgeting which enabled us to accomplish increases in spending in these areas, while resisting calls from the left to continually raise property taxes.

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Quality education is our #1 goal.

Science (and common sense) has shown not all children learn in the same way. That’s why I support options for parents when it comes to educating their children. Like so many other areas, more options will achieve better results.

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Property Rights

My goal is to maintain and protect the rural character of Chatham while protecting the rights of property owners and our farmers. 

My opponent would have us believe we must surrender personal property rights in order to protect the character of the county. She has a record of ignoring advisory boards and excluding citizens in major decisions. 

Commissioner Hales has had two major opportunities to listen to our citizens and protect personal property rights but has failed both times.

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