Property Rights

My goal is to maintain and protect the rural character of Chatham while protecting the rights of property owners and our farmers. 

My opponent would have us believe we must surrender personal property rights in order to protect the character of the county. She has a record of ignoring advisory boards and excluding citizens in major decisions. 

Commissioner Hales has had two major opportunities to listen to our citizens and protect personal property rights but has failed both times.

County Wide Zoning

Not only did Ms. Hales assure property owners she would listen to their concerns, but she also promised to follow the recommendations of the planning board. But instead of fulfilling these promises, just a few short weeks later she dismissed the recommendations of the planning board and the pleas of thousands of affected property owners in favor of a one size fits all solution that ignored the rights of property owners. 

My record is one of inclusiveness. Alongside my fellow Republican commissioners, I instituted Commissioner-led community meetings to gather information before making a decision on sweeping zoning changes. We had a plan that would have allowed the citizens in each area of the county to determine the best zoning plan to fit their unique needs. 

Unfortunately, Commissioner Hales cancelled these meetings in favor of consultant-led meetings with a predetermined outcome.

The bottom line? Commissioners are a poor substitute for community involvement and direct dialogue.

Comprehensive Plan for the County

The comprehensive plan will dictate almost all facets of Chatham County life for the next 40 years. A document and the ordinances to implement it should not be not be rushed. Current BOC leadership spent $400,000 of taxpayer money to hire a consultant to produce the plan with minimal face to face interaction or direct input from the majority of our residents. 

To put that into perspective, when developing the Cary/Chatham land use plan, that affects a small portion of the county, 26 revisions were made over a six year period based on citizen input before adoption. The Comp plan had NO REVISIONS based on citizen input and was pushed through in about 12 months. 

The choice is yours this November-- how will this plan be adopted? A vote for me and my fellow Republicans will ensure all citizens are heard and we take our time to get this right. 


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